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Fuzhou Planters Set of Three


Fuzhou Planters Set of Three


My brother was working on his doctorate at a university in Fuzhou, China, which was a handy reason to visit. I was honestly unprepared for its size (more than 7 million inhabitants) and age (it was founded around 200 B.C.) but utterly taken by the city. I was fascinated with one of its folk arts, bodiless lacquerware. It's a type of container-making that begins with a mold (a pitcher, say, or a jar), which is then wrapped in ramie or silk and "painted" with raw lacquer as glue.

Once dry, the body is polished and embellished. It's truly amazing. It got me thinking about naming one of our own items in the city's honor, so here we have the Fuzhou Planters. This trio of squared pots constitutes their very own showstopping display. Filled with plantings and set indoors or out, the planters form an eye-pleasing vignette that's also easy to assemble. They do have drainage holes at the base, so use them for real plants or faux, whatever your leaning.

Dimensions: Large -11 x 11 x 9, Medium 8.5 x 8.5 x 7, Small - 6 x 6 x 5.5 in inches. Imported.