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Aroma Decanter


Aroma Decanter


Driving down a slow winding road at the end of a day, after a day long trip nosing about many of the smaller distillers in the Inverness region of Scotland, puts a smile on one's face. With the sun setting ahead, and a long stretch of empty road ahead of you, there can't be anything much more picturesque than this, I thought to myself.

While the visits, and talks were excellent throughout our stay, I couldn't but think that what made it so much more special was the overall presentation and set up. I think one of the things that impressed us was the the decanted bottles of single malt on offer - all laid out to showcase their specialness .

The Aroma Decanter is a fine reproduction of one we saw there that captured our imagination. The trip is long over, but the memories are crisp and fresh - like yesterday. Sue and  I had planned everything and it was enjoyable to the minute!

Sized to fit a 750-ml bottle of bourbon, rye or whiskey, the decanter is made of glass etched with vertical ribs and has a round glass stopper at the neck.

Dimensions: 3.75 x 3.75 x 14 in inches. Imported.