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At the Edge of a Cosmic Sea


Art is the food of life, well so is music - and one can argue that music is art as well, just in a different medium. Both have the ability to excite your senses and bring you new and wonderful insights.

As peaceful to gaze at as the calm of the sea - this abstract wall art brings back memories of being by the sea. Long walks on sand and to the sight of a sun-set. Looking for treasure at your feet - is a natural pastime of many beach combers - the odd shell, the weathered piece of wood or a piece of sea-glass polished to a shine. All this making a good days haul!

What stories are buried in the sands of time - as a romantic, its easy for me to find myself conjuring up a dramatic story of ship wreck, love lost and fortunes gone awash. This art has a lot to say and inspire. 

This particular wall art is an inspiration to the soul as you enjoy the beauty and detail of each shell in this art formation.

Framed. Dimensions: 35.5  x 35.5 x 3.5. in inches.