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The Phillipe Bar Stool


Fitting for a royal member and finished in a way that speaks to the fashion of the day, and tightly fashioned to be an upright and striking piece of furniture. The Phillipe Stool is an eclectic mix of elements that prove both its heritage in the Courts of Louis, but also as an experiment with the materials and their strengths. There are a thousand words of subtlety (and the picture can speak to it), that permeates this elegant and interesting bar height full-back stool.

However, they eschew rigid style definitions in favor of imaginative descriptions of what the materials and the design are doing to create a cohesion that few period pieces can properly portray. This is a rustic contemporary piece that benefits from the style of the Parisian Courts and the era of Louis, but which stands on its own as a contemporary masterpiece that has timeless roots and classy lines.

Dimensions: 20 x 16.5 x 30 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $50.