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Bavaria End Table


It’s hard to figure out where you might find a piece of furniture like the Bavaria End Table, with it’s precision cut acrylic base, formed by a multi-part plate acrylic architecture, and the rustic, hand hammered metal cladding on the tabletop. One might travel in their mind to Germany, where engineers and precision are a big part of everyday life, but where it’s almost as easy to find a legacy artisan hammering out a bespoke piece of artistry each day.

The balance created by this juxtaposition shapes the often conflicting landscape of the Bavarian region, and lends one pause to consider the values and ideologies that come with the German Culture. The clean, precise base, and the artisan top help the owner to appreciate the diversity of the German people and the topography of such a place. Where rough and smooth are often nearby.

Dimensions: 24.25 x 24.25 x 25 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $75.