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Brasov Mirror


As you travel through the low country approaching the beautiful, mysterious Carpathian Mountains in Romania, you sneak ever higher in elevation, into the Transylvanian region and immediately feel a deep romanticism in the area, of long-enduring love stories and deep loyalty to the area. Balanced upon the backdrop of the dark Wallachian history, there is a playful, bright and yet, antique feel to the city of Brasov, one of the major cities in the region.

The time worn village is peaceful considering the Gothic influence and the tumult of the historical context. Mild hills and ancient castle strongholds bring tourists to this humble highlands town to find artifacts and enduring pieces of history like this mirror portrays. The subtle finish and grandiose design of the Brasov Mirror plays perfectly with that gorgeous juxtaposition of history and modernity.

Dimensions: 27 x 2 x 42.5 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $30.