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Bellmead Fire Pit


A black iron stand elevates an iron tub (in a copper finish) in the simple but attractive Bellmead Fire Pit. Compact enough for a smaller outdoor room and low-slung so those seated around it can enjoy its heat and glow.An ideal choice for smaller gatherings and spaces.



Dimensions: 28"L x 28"W x 13"H

Material: Iron

Product Care:

This outdoor fire pit should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure product safety and longer product life.
Do NOT attempt to inspect this outdoor fire pit until the fire is COMPLETELY out.
1. Check handles to make sure they are secure.
2. Check components for any signs of damage or rust.
3. If damage to any component is detected, do NOT operate until repairs are executed.

This outdoor fire pit should be cleaned on a regular basis to promote safer experiences and longer product life.
Note: After repeated use, a slight discoloration of the finish may occur.
Do NOT attempt to clean this outdoor fire pit until the fire is COMPLETELY out.
Do NOT use oven cleaner or abrasive cleaners as they will damage this product.
Do NOT clean any part of this outdoor fire pit in a self-cleaning oven as it may damage the finish.
1. Wipe exterior surfaces with a mild dishwashing detergent or baking soda.
2. For stubborn surfaces use a citrus-based degreaser and a nylon scrubbing brush.
3. Rinse clean with water.
4. Remove built-up creosote from components with a chimney cleaning product.

Do NOT move or store this outdoor fire pit until the fire is COMPLETELY out.
1. Once the fire is out, coals are cold, and outdoor fire pit is cool to the touch, remove ashes and properly dispose.
2. Cover outdoor fireplace with a durable vinyl cover designed to fit this unit.
3. Store assembled in a location away from children and pets.
Note: If you do not use a cover, store this outdoor fire pit in a dry location to maximize product life.

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