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Draper Tray


Draper Tray


My friend Ophelia lives a fabulous life in New York, no doubt thanks to her job as an advertising executive. I got to see her briefly during a whirlwind visit, and she offered me a whiskey from her very chic bar cart--cliché, I know, that an ad (wo)man would have a bar full of expensive whiskeys at the ready. The bottles were corralled in the shiniest, most glamorous tray, and I had to bring it back with me.

Our Draper Tray is made of sleek glass tucked into a shiny nickel base, and it can serve on a bar, sure, but wouldn’t it also be wonderful on a vanity with a cluster of perfume bottles?

Dimensions: 12.25 x 12.25 x 2.25 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $10.