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Plume Decanter


Plume Decanter


Why is it that a great bottle of single malt from the low-lands can set your spirits and imagination on fire!  Every little sip is enjoyable, clear and certain. It's almost like a story unfolding in as many sips as it takes to empty a generous pour!

I am always on the look-out for something new, a single malt or blend that I have not experienced before. If I am traveling in Scotland, every turn of the corner is an opportunity to discover something new and who knows perhaps something of an opportunity of a lifetime!

And while I know decanting a whiskey makes no real difference -- its still a beautiful way to enjoy a finely distilled beverage. This Plume Decanter reminds me of one that I chanced upon in my travels. I am delighted to be able to share this with you here as part of our curated offering. Fill this with your favorite and enjoy in fine health and spirits!

Sized to fit a 750-ml bottle of rye, bourbon or whiskey, the decanter is made of polished glass hand-cut with a plume on the side with a glass stopper at the neck.

Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 16 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $10.