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Fifth Decanter


Fifth Decanter


Taking a long drive in the Scottish Highlands is likely to make one thirsty - and with access to an abundance of libations, Scotland is really the right place to get very very thirsty!

On a recent trip, we stopped at a small bed and breakfast for an overnight stay near Aberdeen. It was a very quaint and proper place - run by an older couple who had moved up from London a few years ago, bringing with them the sensibilities of the city they had left behind.

As we gathered together before supper in the foyer, our host offered us a large selection of decanted scotch whiskies. I was quite taken in as the fine selection of single and blended malts were as equal as to the presentation of these in fine crystal and glass decanters. I was very impressed and made note of some of these designs.

I was pleasantly surprised to find very similar ones at a store on our return to Manchester, and have since then been able to get some of these for our curated selection, which I now have the pleasure of offering you. Believe it or not - this over the top presentation made the Scotch taste better - mind over matter I am sure. In life its the little things that seem to matter most!

Sized to fit a 750-mL bottle of fine bourbon, rye or whiskey , the decanter is made of polished glass with a hand-cut vertical stripe and an antique brass neck and stopper.

Dimensions: 4.75 x 3 x 11.5 in inches. Imported.