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Welcome Cheese Set


I was psyched to learn that my sister-in-law Lynda was getting into cheeseboards--that meant an indulgence of cheese and charcuterie during our last visit! As a gift, I brought along our Welcome Cheese Set, a set of four stainless steel utensils (with a shiny gold finish) suitable for cutting and spearing cheeses of varying hardness: a pronged knife for soft to semi-hard types, a flat knife for semi-soft to semi-hard options, a parmesan knife for hard cheeses, and a fork for picking up and plating slices.

These are super special because the handles are made of white marble with brushed gold inlays. Lynda was delighted with the knives, and we were taken with the cheese.

Dimensions: 7.25 x 2 x 0.75 in inches. Imported.