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A Tide of Hope

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Imagine yourself living in the 1850's and in the time of the gold rush -- when people were leaving the east and heading to California and Nevada hoping to find their fortunes by locating a mother lode of gold.

This Art imagines the greatest find you can dream of - pieces of gold to make you rich beyond your wildest dreams, and the talk of the town. In this art there is fortune, fame and hope - for all those that want to explore life anew, this is a great piece of art to imagine the possibilities.

The symmetrical placement of gold cubes sublimity suggest a certain conformity to art, and yet in its structure is the uniqueness of each individual piece - celebrating both harmony and dissimilarity .... much to contemplate! Enjoy the details and marvel at the completeness of the piece. Cubism revisited!

Framed. Dimensions: 35.75 x 35.75 x 3.5 in inches.

Dimensions: 35.75 x 35.75 x 3.5 in Inches

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