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Cannes Serving Tray


Cannes Serving Tray


The last time Laurel and I were in the French countryside, we saw wooden trays and cutting boards everywhere. In bakeries and delis, they were naturally put to use in the normal course of business, but they were also popular in homes as humble décor.

A trio of boards in different shapes would stand against the kitchen backsplash, transforming them into an artful display. I’ve even seen them on mantles and shelves, purely as decoration. Our Cannes Serving Tray can do the same. It is perfectly shaped for display and will add handsomely to your efforts. 

It can also be a terrific surface for laying out a rustic loaf of bread or a mound of salad (you will need to use a paper napkin, doily or a small serving bowl. This is item is not food safe and is primarily intended as a decorative item). One end has a cutout for easy grasping and storage.

Dimensions: 19 x 8.75 x 0.75 in inches. Imported.