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Desmonde Dresser


The Desmonde Dresser is a very subdued version of a contemporary-meets-Louis XV style. The marbled top surface and shapely front profile as well as the well defined feet make this an obvious statement. This item would not have been in the public spaces of a castle, but it may have been in the quarters of a manager for the kitchen or maidservants. It was meant for function, not beauty, and yet, it is spectacular in its restraint and delivery of gorgeous, classic French furniture architecture.

There is no lover of French design that would not be taken in by the humble, captivating design of this beautiful dresser - the beauty and value of it lies in the simple elegance of the front curvature and the build quality along with the timeless looks.

Dimensions:  44.75 x 21.25 x 33.5 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $125.