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Expedition Bed


Expedition Bed


Ernest Shakleton was an early explorer of Antarctica. He and his crew covered vast territory given the harsh conditions and relatively sparse technology at that point in time (1907-1909). The Expedition bed is reminiscent of what he and his crew would have used for sleeping in, during parts of the exploratory mission called the Nimrod Expedition. His and his compatriots’ steely attitudes and complete lack of fear made the journey a success.

The trip blazed a trail forward for future explorers to reach most of the continent, the entire trek to the South Pole, and set a pathway to achieve mapping and archiving of the region. Like Shakleton and his men, The Expedition Bed is a steely piece with strong composure and a smart, versatile, strategic build. 

Dimensions: 79.5 x 38 x 34 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $90.