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Guillaume Bar Stool


Charlie and I ducked into a cafe in Paris to get a drink and a snack, and the place was so crowded that only bar seating was available. We gratefully accepted it and ordered our coffee and pastries, and I sat back to drink in the scene. I noticed right off how great the chair was: padded on both seat and back, and the sturdy wood frame was lovingly detailed.

I brought the idea home with me for our Guillaume Bar Stool. Tall enough for bar seating, it’s cushioned for comfort, and the natural oak frame is both rugged and intricately carved. Piping outlines the cushions, and the back is oval-shaped--an ever-so-French detail. In four colors.

Dimensions: 17 x 19 x 47 in inches. Material: Natural Oak. Imported. Handling Fee is $70.