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Hive Decanter


Hive Decanter


Charles and and I took a long-anticipated trip to Kentucky and indulged quite a bit in the local bourbons. Doing the traditional and customary stops at several fine distilleries we sampled quite a few very fine combinations and blends. Each worthy of a small novella!

And while bourbon does not need decanting, however the taste of a bourbon poured from a fine decanter always seems to make a difference. This adds a certain glamour and style that I think is really quite native to the drink. The Hive Decanter is the perfect partner for a bourbon - when you want to make a lasting and rakish impression. 

Sized to fit a 750-mL bottle of bourbon (or perhaps a rye or whiskey), the decanter is made of glass etched with a honeycomb pattern and a crystal stopper at the neck.

Dimensions: 4 x 4 x 15.5 in inches. Imported.