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Illusion Box Set


I always sit in awe at how my designer friends put together a display on their bookshelves. They never employ just books! They include framed photos and drawings, interesting objects they’ve picked up at antique shops or on their travels, and various containers they’ll fill with something fabulous.

I have made a point of designing our own intriguing accessories to make it easy for all of us to style shelves or tabletops, and one such piece is our Illusion Box Set, a pair of decorative boxes that look like pricey malachite but are actually crafted of painted composite on a mango wood structure. They are sleek and colorful--a dazzling addition to any shelf.

Dimensions: Large - 4.25 x 11.5 x 6 & Small - 3 x 7.25 x 5 in inches. Finish: Green & Brass & Natural. Materials: Composite & Wood & Brass. Imported. Handling Fee is $20.