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Marmalade Farm Table


Marmalade Farm Table


My grandparents had a favorite corner at the country club’s restaurant when I was growing up, and the host knew to seat us on the patio overlooking the grounds. Because the tables and chairs endured some sun and rain, they were all made of hearty teak in a gorgeous natural finish.

I wanted to bring that same simple (but still stylish) attitude to our Marmalade Farm Table, so it is made of teak, of course, but ours is premium marine-grade wood with mortise-and-tenon construction. The table is a compact 42-inch square and will seat four nicely while not taking up the whole patio (or sunroom or breakfast nook--it would fit in any such space!).

Dimensions: 42.125 x 42.125 x 30.25 in inches. Imported. Material: Teak. Handling Fee is $50.