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Marquis Tufted Headboard


Marquis Tufted Headboard


A matter-of-fact design offers a glimpse into the process of producing grand furniture with the Marquis Tufted Headboard. The stately White Oak frame is gracefully milled and shaped into the simple, but refined design, using an uncommonly thin architecture, showing off the master artisan’s craft.

In the period when this piece’s influence came from, this process was performed by hand with chisels, scrapers, and other forged tooling. This hand shaping and manipulation of the wood could take dozens of hours and be reserved for only masters of the art. The sourcing and sewing and button tufting of the linen too would take dozens of hours to finish. It is truly a piece fit for a Marquis’s sleeping quarters.

Dimensions: King - 84.75 x 53.5 x 2.75 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $100.