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Mickler Dining Table


A friend of mine from college lives in Los Angeles now, and the last time I was there for work, we met for dinner at a very chic restaurant near the beach. Like so many things in California, it was casual but with an unmistakable fanciness--I’ve come to call it “laidback luxury.” Our party’s table that night was the inspiration for our Mickler Dining Table. It’s a large, sturdy piece that looks like midcentury wicker finds, but ours is made of resin so it will endure the outdoor elements (sun and rain) for years to come. The glass top gives it just the right touch of glamour.

Dimensions: 39.5 x 89.375 x 31.25 in inches. Imported. Material: N-dura™ Resin Wicker. Handling Fee is $100.