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Montorgueil Sofa


To surprise me, Gabe had made reservations at a very chic restaurant the last time we were in Paris. We were ushered to a gorgeous sofa for a short wait--I guess even French restaurants are fashionably late?--and I marveled at it. Straight-lined and upright (not too loungey or low-slung), it had an upholstered back with light padding but a thickly cushioned seat. It was unlike any sofa I’d seen, and I had to bring the inspiration home with me.

So let me introduce our Montorgueil Sofa, an oak-framed beauty with tall, carved legs, low arms, and a prim silhouette. It’s unmistakably French, of course, but it would also make merry with other styles, such as traditional, farmhouse, and eclectic. Imported.

Dimensions: W70 x H34.75 x D27 in inches.