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Murano Revisited


Art can move you, thrill you, or stop you in your tracks! Sometimes however it can awaken memories that are fun and terrific.

While this is a very modern interpretation of a stained glass piece of history - I feel it captures more of the spirit of the glass-making art of Murano than anything else and in doing so takes me back to one of my absolute favorite cities - Venice. Venice has so much art, and so much art history that a month of visits to its galleries, churches, and palaces can still leave you with more to discover, more to learn about, and a growing thirst for more!

This art piece evokes a sense of curiosity and at the same time a sense of tranquility and appreciation for what even small feats of creativity can fuel. Enjoy - art is meant to tickle the senses and stir the imagination!

Framed. Dimensions: 47.5 x 32 x 2.5 in inches. Imported.