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Orange Modern Victorian Bench


Victorian furniture is the style of furniture made during the reign of Queen Victoria. It’s not one certain style but encapsulates many different time periods of furniture causing a revivalist in many styles, such as Gothic, Rococo, and Louis XV. Often this era of furniture was heavy on embellishments and unique fabrics.

This bench fits right into that category. From its column-like legs and detailed carvings on each corner, to the limed grey oak and orange linen upholstery, this piece is many different styles in one, wrapped up in a cute little package. Its Victorian-style curved frame paired with its art deco-style tufted orange upholstery makes it versatile enough to belong in any style hallway or living room.

Dimensions: 57 x 19 x 19 in inches. Material: Limed Grey Oak. Imported. Handling Fee is $80.