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Panel Club Chair


A Swiss 1980’s feel makes this incredibly retro club chair shine. You can imagine being part of the power brokers that spent their holidays at Gstaad’s luxurious ski resorts in the Eighties. Elegant backdrops and modern (now retro) 80’s style furniture that was both comfortable, and stylish - you wouldn’t be caught in any other style at the time.

This is a fantastic throwback to that chalet fireplace style of the era and the high-end wood and luxe upholstery prove that it is as comfortable and capable of making a statement today as it did then. Elegance from the tightly finished upholstery; boldness from the geometric design and the wood grain panels - this is a perfect chair for bold buyers who want to make a statement now.

Dimensions: 23 x 26 x 19 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $75.