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Rattan Shadow Box


A shadow box is a decorative display case with a glass lid that is used to store memorabilia, treasures, and troves. This one has rattan weaving on all sides with a binding of rattan around each corner to achieve a look of weathered beauty. While this box, with its rustic details, is a stunning piece in itself, its understated enough as to not overpower the contents displayed.

Placed where guests can view it, such as a coffee or sofa table makes this box and its contents a conversation starter. Use it to display the cherished treasure you find along your travels; that gorgeous rock you found on the beach in the Philippines, that hand-carved figurine from the market in Marrakesh, or a beautiful necklace from that antique shop in Paris.

Dimensions: 12 x 6.75 x 3.5 in inches. Material: Natural Rattan & Glass. Imported.