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Rosehill Park Summer Wreath


Rosehill Park Summer Wreath


Though our Rosehill Park Summer Wreath is brimming with warm-weather blooms (roses and peonies), doesn’t it have the color palette and the fullness of a Christmas wreath? In fact, it could suit a number of holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, the first day or spring, and the Fourth of July. It’s a hardy decoration, too, as all of the leaves and flowers are made of silk, each hand-worked and hand-painted by fine artists. It will never droop, dry out, or fade.

Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 6 in inches. Recommended for indoors & away from direct sunlight. Handling Fee is $20.

As with any floral arrangement, the overall dimensions noted represent the tallest and widest points on the product. It is likely that the floral arrangement may be disturbed during shipping and may need you to gently re-shape it to the desired look that best suits the way you would like to personalize it. These silk flowers are delicate so we recommend a gentle touch – just like you would handle real floral bouquets or arrangements.

Country of Origin: USA