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Saunders Cheese Set


Saunders Cheese Set


I was thrilled to learn that my close friend Sydney was getting into cheeseboards--that would mean an indulgence of cheese and charcuterie during our next visit! Cheese, some wine, friends and the French countryside - just perfect for creating lasting memories.

As a gift, I decided that I would bring along our Saunders Cheese Set, a set of four stainless steel utensils suitable for cutting and spearing cheeses of varying hardness: a spreader for soft cheese, pronged knife for soft to semi-hard types, parmesan knife for hard cheeses, and fork for picking up and plating slices.

These are super special because the handles are made of agate slices polished to a high shine. Lynda was delighted with the knives, and we were taken with the cheese.

Dimensions: 6 x 2 x 1 in inches. Imported.