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Art can be simple. Art can be geometric. Art can make you see patterns that exist or ones that you imagine - this wall art is a carefully created tapestry that has been magnified for impact from paper - to create illusion and challenge conventional expectations.

What do you see? This has been the question that is often asked of youthful students pursuing the world of modern art. Do you see opportunity and the distant shores, or do you see the darkness of a gloomy day? Often, art serves to amplify an individual's perceptions and to help clarify a perspective.

I find art soothing and even reassuring - offering the familiar with a twist! This particular piece is both symmetrical and asymmetrical as if to express the ying-and-yang of the universe.

Framed. Dimensions: 23.65 x 23.65 x 2 in inches. Imported. Handling Fee is $20.