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The Collector's Connie


The Collector's Connie


Sleek and powerful, Connie set a number of speed records. The plane's elegant and distinctive appearance with two bulkheads gave it a very unique look. As passenger aircraft go, this was an early favorite, albeit plagued with engine problems -- good thing it had four engines, because amongst the cognoscenti it was known as "three engine Connie" as a consequence of its many problems.

Flight remains one of mankind's greatest achievements. From Icarus to space travel -- we have continued to push the frontiers of air travel and exploration. This beautifully hand-crafted original model is a great celebration of the passage of flight.

The much loved Connie captured the imagination of a large population of early flyers - giving them a heady experience in the blue yonder. This model made with attention to detail, is the perfect gift for the one that is always looking to the skies for their next adventure.

Dimensions: 28 x 30 x 50 in inches. Imported.