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The Diwan of Tikari's Collection


The Diwan of Tikari's Collection is near and dear to me - being a member of this family and a part of that household, it brings back memories of another time and place. This beautiful and majestic collection features exotic old world patterns displayed in alluring ornamental color palettes to lend an intriguing air of mystery and exciting aspect of history to any interior. In memory and honor of my grand father who was the last to hold that title.

Flawlessly fabricated from specially created super silky and simple-to-care-for fibers and then beautifully washed to create the look and feel of a time-honored antique, these magnificent rugs will stir the senses and spark the imagination.

In ornamental hues of cloud, sky blue, navy and crimson, delicate blossoms and blooms cascade across this grand and glorious, old world- inspired design. Woven from exceptionally satiny and sumptuous fibers for a superlative tone and texture, this Collection of rugs is as inviting as it is exciting.

Dimensions: Varied Sizes. Imported. Handling Fee is $10.