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The Gothenburg Garden Selection


The Gothenburg Garden Selection


A visit to Sweden’s Gothenburg Gardens a few years ago absolutely captured my heart. Most of the property consists of a nature reserve, but a small portion is a cultivated area that includes an award-winning rock garden, rhododendrons, and--my favorite--a Japanese Glade with some 1,500 orchids. I saw specimens I’d never seen before, not even in photos, and I wanted to bring them home with me.

To that end, our Gothenburg Garden Selection is a permanent botanical (meaning, it is made of silk and requires no water or sunlight) resembling several orchid stems in varying stages of bloom. Framed by long-tongued leaves and set in a concrete-look bowl, it has a breezy, naturalist vibe.

Dimensions: L34 x W34 x H30 in inches. Recommended for indoors & away from direct sunlight. Handling Fee is $50.

As with any floral arrangement, the overall dimensions noted represent the tallest and widest points on the product. It is likely that the floral arrangement may be disturbed during shipping and may need you to gently re-shape it to the desired look that best suits the way you would like to personalize it. These silk flowers are delicate so we recommend a gentle touch – just like you would handle real floral bouquets or arrangements.

Country of Origin: USA