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The Kiribati Garden Bouquet


The Kiribati Garden Bouquet


My friend Natalie has long had a quiet obsession with orchids. As often as she coaxes one into bloom, another will staunchly refuse, with no clear explanation as to why. Rather than being off-putting, the flowers’ finicky behavior seems to charm her--I think she considers their rapturous beauty more than enough recompense for their sometime stubbornness.

For those of us who long for the beauty of orchids without their high-maintenance care, we offer the Kiribati Garden Bouquet, an absolutely breathtaking spray of magenta orchids bursting from a short metal pot. Though the blossoms look authentic, they are actually crafted of silk by Chinese artisans, so they will never droop, fall, or fade--nor will they demand any special treatment.

Dimensions: L21 x W21 x H26 in inches. Recommended for indoors & away from direct sunlight. Handling Fee is $30.

As with any floral arrangement, the overall dimensions noted represent the tallest and widest points on the product. It is likely that the floral arrangement may be disturbed during shipping and may need you to gently re-shape it to the desired look that best suits the way you would like to personalize it. These silk flowers are delicate so we recommend a gentle touch – just like you would handle real floral bouquets or arrangements.

Country of Origin: USA