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The Lodhi Collection


The Lodhi dynasty ruled Delhi and the surrounding areas with an iron fist - but also brought a period of stability, trade and economic growth. This led to an expansion of the arts and cultures and prosperity for the local craftsman.

Artisans, schooled in Persia learned the art of weaving and brought this to the far reaching stretches of the Mogul Empire. Evoking the history and intricacies of traditional Persian designs, this antique-inspired collection is hand knotted from luxurious bamboo extruded silk-like fibers for an extravagant texture and tone that exude a spectacular sumptuousness.

Featuring an array of elegant color palettes in blended rich tones and superb attention to detail, eye-catching traditional design and mystical tones.

Dimensions: varied Sizes. Imported. Handling Fee is $20.