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The Mahdid Collection


The Mahdid Collection is a tribute to a dynasty that had a diversity of tastes, style and teachings. They oversaw parts of the middle-east for some time and ruled with a strict perspective - albeit encouraging the arts.

This textural and elegantly understated, traditional Persian area rugs seem to take you back in time. Their intricate Persian floral designs are presented in an artfully faded palette of muted transitional tones that lend this entire collection a soft and dream-like beauty. The collection includes classic center medallion patterns, Persian garden patterns, and richly detailed ornamental borders.

The subtle attraction of an Infinite area rug brings harmony to your bedroom, living room, dining room or family room – anywhere you want a finishing touch of serene elegance. The power-loomed, poly-blend pile has a luxurious hand feel with comforting texture. A garden captured at its moment of perfection provides the inspiration for this classic Persian rug from the Mahdid Collection. Big, bold, stylized blossoms tease the imagination, while the thick, plush texture creates a luxurious hand feel. Artfully faded in soft charcoal tones for the vintage look of a true antique rug.

Dimensions: Varied Sizes. Imported. Handling Fee is $30.