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The Polo Club Picnic Box


This elegant and stylish picnic box on a stand is a reimagined version of one that you may have taken with you on a trip to the country in the late '40s or the early '50s.

You would be forgiven, if you thought that a valet or butler was soon going to appear and shake you a fresh martini, while you enjoyed a scrumptious picnic of watercress and cucumber sandwiches, along with other suitable evening fares.

This picnic box evokes the style and grace of a time gone by, but perfect on your next outing - it's ready for an escape just as soon as you can be. A delightful accessory and a must-have for a man about town!

Dimensions: 25 x 7.3 x 43.1 in inches. Material: Mahogany Wood. Imported. Handling Fee is $30.