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Treasure Chest Stool


We have all heard stories about buried treasure chests found by pirates, but in actuality, they are real. In 1965 the “1715 Nueva Espana Fleet” was found proving that treasures were in fact buried. Although this stool does not open and isn’t actually filled with gold, it has a strong resemblance to a real-life chest. With its cube shape and silver handles, it looks like it might have been filled with treasure and dug up.

However, with the limed grey oak base, its natural linen upholstery, and silver nailhead piping, it takes a more modern stance. The tufted seat gives it the comfort that is needed in a stool. This cute stool is a cross between classic design and a modern piece. It would look great in any style of living space with its neutral color and versatile style.

Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 18.5 in inches. Frame/Finish: Limed Grey Oak. Upholstery: Light Linen/Cotton. Imported. Handling Fee is $30.