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The Khaliji Collection


Inspired by the Palaces of the Mogul Empire which spanned from Istanbul to the Delhi Sultanate - these rugs have been inspired by the workmanship of that era and the quality of the craftsman that excelled in their mastery of carpet making.

Evoking the history and intricacies of traditional Persian designs, this antique-inspired collection is hand knotted from luxurious bamboo extruded silk-like fibers for an extravagant texture and tone that exude a spectacular sumptuousness.

Featuring an array of elegant color palettes in blended rich tones, seductive shades of silver, cream and taupe and an old world leaf, vine, floral and medallion design it is undeniably alluring. This riveting rug is a superb study of captivating style and inspired color.

Dimensions: Varied Sizes. Imported. Handling Fee is $20.