Our Story


Wisteria was founded in 2000 by a husband and wife team as a small operation from their dining room table. The couple imagined the company based on their passion for travel, unique adventures and their love of artisanal craftsmanship – making a promise to themselves to bring to American Homes objects and items of beauty from around the world, sharing this with their customers along with the rich storytelling and heritage of these products.


The first Wisteria Catalog mailed in 2001 – with help from friends and families, it received a warm welcome from a discerning and worldly customer set – establishing Wisteria’s brand ethos as one of global provenance.


Wisteria founded a mission of helping others and making the world a better place, with this in mind Wisteria began supporting non-profit friends – a practice that became over the years a meaningful mission leading to the support of over 120 different organizations around the world.


The Wisteria Team made their very first trip overseas to meet the makers of the products they would come to sell for the next 15 years, partnering together to bring these wonderful unique items to the homes of the Wisteria customer across the United States.


The year Wisteria launched an online store. Wisteria.com came to life in these early eCommerce times offering a wider selection of items to a larger selection of customers – with this launch the treasures at Wisteria were just a click away.


Throughout the early years of the company the founders traveled the world, inspired by the beautiful things they saw. The Wisteria team was guided to share these unique treasures from around the globe while finding a way to help others along the way.


The Design Team at Wisteria creates and develops its first ever exclusive designs – and from there goes on to create thousands of unique and exclusive pieces of furniture, art objects and home décor. Each of these pieces brings a unique facet of global design and community to the merchandise selection.


Wisteria opens a Warehouse Store to celebrate its 10th Anniversary – much to the joy of its loyal fan base, for the first-time customers could shop a store for the products that they had come to love.


As it is said, time flies, and almost without even realizing it – Wisteria was mailing its 100th Catalog Edition during the Summer of 2013. By now the Catalog had a following of its own and the brand had come to represent a very distinctive soul of the South – obvious that it had both captured the imagination as well as the trends emerging from these markets.


Wisteria celebrated its 15th Birthday by opening a stand-alone retail store in Inwood Village, fulfilling the vision of creating an inviting space for our customers to thrill in the excitement of discovery and as well as seek design inspirations.


Wisteria continues as an omni-channel company with stores, catalogs and an eCommerce presence while continuing to surprise and delight its customers with new offerings both designed by the Wisteria Team and bought from the bazaars, street-markets, souks and stalls around the world.


A new chapter begins. Wisteria continues to build on its rich 20-year heritage of global and artisanal love by adding new design and reimagined innovative products. Our stories and merchant finds bringing a fresh and new vitality to the brand while ensuring that we introduce a sustainable, eco and earth conscious approach to our merchandise selection. Adding to the past and celebrating the future. Join us and be a part of this new future. Join us as our stories evolve …