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Rare Birds

Posted by Ashleigh Potts on
November 17, 2021

Discover Unique Treasures from Our Travels Around the World

As we travel the world to find artisanal décor and home accessories, we discover items that are exceptionally unique. We are thrilled to offer our Rare Bird Collection, featuring one-of-a-kind pieces. The antique look and attention to detail ensure you won't find anything quite like these creations. Each treasure showcases the history and culture of the places we found them!  

Our rare bird finds are a unique way to bring vintage artifacts into your home. We've highlighted a few of our timeless pieces and the origin connected to them.

The technique of paper mache has been used in India for centuries.

Paper mache crafting was brought to India from Iran in the late 14th century. Many of today's artisans can trace their ancestors back to the original craftsman. Originally used in Indian households to sort grains for impurities, this item was crafted 25-30 years ago. Showcase the unique history of India's paper mache bowl by repurposing this handcrafted item. Bring new life to this special piece by adding to any area of your home as an accent.

The relationship between the elephant and Mahout (often known as an elephant handler) is being showcased in this unique piece.

The bond between the elephant and Mahout is extremely unique and strong. Elephant trainers in India take care of all the elephant's needs. This sculpture captures just that, the cooperation between humans and animals. With a hint of elegance and grace, this item is intricately carved with attention to every detail. The weathered, distressed details make this truly a rare find.

This cultural artifact is an example of exceptional creations from the past.

The style of Chinoiserie originated in the 17th century when Europeans became fascinated with Asian cultures and traditions. They began to imitate Eastern art, architecture, furniture, and more. Throughout China, vases like this one were utilized in everyday life for storing herbs, root vegetables, tea and various food items. Bring this style into your home by repurposing this vase for your decorative needs.

Carved in Indonesia, this handcrafted piece is very much an artifact.

Bring peace and good energy into your home as the face of Buddha is symbolic and portrays the spiritual representation of serenity and tranquility. The facial structure of the Buddha's head shows half-closed eyes to represent a state of meditation. The great attention to detail and timeless appeal make it truly one-of-a-kind.

Subtle etchings and design make this piece both note-worthy and a conversation piece.

Simple, and quite common at one time, this item achieved some stature of scarcity since very few are preserved so well over generations. Subtle etchings and design make this Chinese Kettle (used primarily to boil water for tea) both note-worthy and a conversation piece.

If you miss out on a special piece, we invite you to explore our collection as we continue to travel. We are always searching for individual items to offer those who seek one-of-a-kind creations!

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