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New Furniture

Window Pane Elmwood Bookcase $4,250.00
Reclaimed Pine Glass Front Bookcase $3,875.00
French Farmhouse Dining Table $3,875.00
Pine Country Cabinet $3,875.00
Gothic Castle Glass-Front Cabinet $3,875.00
Palladian Arch Window Pane Cabinet $3,650.00
Sunburst Elm Sideboard $3,650.00
Minimalist Tri-Wood Dining Table $3,650.00
Seaside Slats Round Dining Table $3,650.00
Watercolor Dining Table $3,650.00
Carved Chevron Oak Sideboard $3,525.00
Gray Finish Rectangular Extension Pine Dining Table $3,500.00
Elm and Pine Contemporary Buffet $3,450.00
Chevron Pine Sideboard $3,350.00
Reclaimed Pine Glass Front Sideboard $3,350.00
Geo Inlay Oak and Iron Buffet $3,350.00
Magic Washed Oak and Iron Sideboard $3,350.00
Nautical Carved Pine Console $3,350.00
Gray Finish Round Pine Dining Table $3,350.00
Southern Pine Console $3,175.00
Carved Front Pine and Iron Sideboard $3,175.00
Arched Metal and Glass Cabinet $3,175.00
Cream Pine Louvred Door Armoire $3,175.00
Vintage Seaside Sideboard $3,175.00
Split Timbers Pine Console $3,175.00
Patchwork Wooden Sideboard $2,975.00
Rustic Reclaimed Pine 4-Drawer Console $2,975.00
Louvred Pine Credenza $2,975.00
Round Wood Top Bistro Table $2,750.00
Curved Drawer Double Pine Chest $2,750.00
Louvred Pine Linen Cabinet $2,750.00
Vintage Farmhouse Console Table $2,750.00
Gray Elm Slimline Cabinet $2,750.00
Antique Teal Sideboard $2,675.00
Light Wash Gray Pine Sideboard $2,675.00
Minimalist Wood and Metal Desk $2,675.00