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Floral Porcelain Round Jar


Chinoiserie has always fascinated me, and after 20 trips to mainland China – I am a fan of the blue and white style as well. The history of fine china and ceramics go back many centuries to the Xia’s in the BC’s. The classics from the Yuan, Qing Hua, and Ming-era are incredible in their craftsmanship and their use of themes and storytelling.

This Tea Jar or Caddy is a classic design and in everyday functional use in Asia, as a storage place for Tea. Tea is one of the most prized beverages across Asia - Tea Houses dot the landscape and in many small towns and cities, dining Tea is a ritual that is enjoyed and celebrated across all income groups.

Our chinoiserie products are crafted based on traditional production techniques.  These techniques result in each piece being unique, and minor variations in the glaze, color tones, and other aesthetic elements are normal.  Certain of our chinoiserie has an aged appearance which is intentionally part of the overall aesthetic and not a defect or flaw in the production process.

This item is exclusive to Wisteria.


Approximate Dimensions: 8" w x 8" d x 7" h

Material: 100% Porcelain

Additional Details:

Country of Origin: China

Indoor Use Only

Item Weight: 3 lbs

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