Amani Children’s Foundation

Wisteria has been partnering with Amani for several years. We are deeply humbled and thrilled to continue that partnership. Amani works with New Life Homes to support orphaned children in Kenya. Together, they have rescued over 2,000 infants. Other than those with the most critical special needs, all of the children have been adopted by Kenyan families. ​

There are now 4 New Life Homes for babies across the country in Nairobi, Nakuru, Kisumu, and Nyeri. The homes have strict financial accountability and are highly respected in Kenya for their high standards of care and nurturing environments. Over the years, their standards and policies have often provided templates for the Kenyan government in establishing best practices. ​

Drs. Chad and Jane Stephens began work in a rural hospital at the height of the HIV crisis in Kenya. Not long after arriving, they met their future son Joseph Amani at New Life Home for babies in crisis where the goal for each child is a forever family. Before the Stephens returned home to Winston-Salem, NC they adopted Joseph. A connection was made. A few years later, in 2004, the Stephens were looking to make a difference. Perhaps, something to involve her college students – this led to the creation of the Amani Children’s Foundation.​

To learn more about Amani Children’s Foundation and the work they are doing please visit: