We are committed to a larger definition of family than just blood relations. We believe that all our customers, our many partners and our eco-system of service-providers are all a part of our extended family and need our commitment and fair treatment. Treating each other with respect, a sense of caring and sincerity is part of our DNA.

At times we can drift apart or have lengthy silences that create a distance as is true in all families – we hope this will not happen and invite you to visit us often to see the progress we are making on our values and the products we are bringing to your doorsteps.

At Wisteria we want to hear from you – we want to know what you think of the service you receive and the products you buy. We think there is always room to do things better and to build a richer understanding relationship between family members – a constant dialogue keeps us in touch, and we would love to hear as often as your time permits.