Feeding America

Wisteria is proud to support Feeding America and their network of 200 foodbanks across the U.S. who are working daily to help address food insecurity and end hunger. We are helping their mission through a general donation. Due to corona virus pandemic, it is estimated that more than 50 million people may experience food insecurity, including 17 million children. I have seen this firsthand in my children’s school where many at-risk students and their families do not have sufficient food during the school closings due to Covid-19. ​

Many of us know someone or know of someone that needs a little help and the pandemic has caused hardships for many segments of Americans that do not have the safety net of friends, family or a job to fall back to help them through this. Feeding America has been a resource that has continued to provide in these critical times. The Feeding America network of food banks serves 40 million people each year. They make sure that the food they feed children, seniors and families facing hunger is not only filling and healthy, but also safe.​

To learn more about Feeding America and the work they are doing please feel free to check out their website: www.feedingamerica.org ​