Dear Wisteria Customer,

 We have always admired, from afar, the Wisteria brand and its commitment to offering a curated selection of unique, globally-inspired home furnishings over its rich 20-year+ history. When we became aware in 2020 of the potential opportunity to acquire the brand we have always loved, we jumped on the chance – pandemic and all – and made it happen! That historical day was November 9, 2020, and the arduous work started the next morning as we began our journey towards the ‘re-launch’ of Wisteria.

We went to work behind the scenes with a vision to reignite the magic of this unique brand. Our dream and aspirations are to bring back many of your favorites and recreate the familiar expectations you have of the brand. In our minds, these are the principles that will inspire new designs and complementary aesthetics, new products, new categories, artisanal imports from new geographies, website re-designs, and countless other items to both surprise and delight you. Our Wisteria Classic Collection was born from that idea. And, with that dream in our hearts and minds, we launched our business exactly a year ago, on March 19, 2021, and started immediately re-engaging with you.

Who would have ever guessed that during our first year of operations, we would be navigating a global pandemic, a disrupted and broken supply chain, and rapidly escalating costs for everything from shipping to product manufacturing to delivery? While this environment created challenges for our modest-sized organization, it also forced us to focus on key priorities. We focused our efforts on offering unique, high-quality products, serving you openly and fairly in every way possible, and expanding the Wisteria brand offering to align with your expectations and needs. We haven’t done everything right during this time, but we highly value your trust and confidence, and we have been committed to complete transparency with you – even when the message of a product or shipment delay is a difficult one to deliver.

One year later, the journey continues. We are even more committed to doing our best to delight you and win your business. In many respects, we are just getting started! We continue to significantly expand our Wisteria Classic Collection – going back into the archives and bringing back styles that are uniquely Wisteria and that you love. We have recently introduced custom-made Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl assortments. Please check these out. We have new designs and products coming from Italy, India, and Portugal, and many more surprises await your enjoyment. We are also working on several collaborations with designers and brand ambassadors to further expand the Wisteria offering. Every week, you can expect something new, and we invite you to come back often to see what is new and what takes your fancy.

It has been an invigorating and challenging year for all of us. And, we could not have done it without you! Thank you for being so supportive. We look forward to hearing from you – please share your thoughts with us at And, as a token of our appreciation, and in celebration of the first of many anniversaries together, please enjoy free shipping sitewide from March 18 through March 21. You can upgrade to White Glove for a flat fee.

Take care of yourself, your family, and your friends.

The Wisteria Team