Harvest Hosting

Planning Your Perfect Dinner Party


Harvest Hosting

The holiday season is a time of joy, tradition, and togetherness. Colder temperatures nudge us indoors, creating opportunities to entertain and gather with family and friends. Fall marks the beginning of the season of holiday gatherings - home-cooked meals, shared stories with drinks in hand, and cozy chats near a crackling fireplace. Before you settle in this season, we want to share with you, dear reader, some of our favorite offerings to improve your holiday hosting skills, create inviting scenes, and make warm holiday memories.

 The dining table is the centerpiece of any dinner party. Whether your holiday dinner party includes the entire extended family or a small group of treasured friends, a quality table will support any occasion and don a classic silhouette that stuns year-round. Our selection of dining tables provides ample versatility, allowing you to accommodate any sized holiday gathering without a second thought.

Comfort is as much a care as style. Quality dining chairs encourage lasting conversations over hors d’oeuvres and every subsequent course. Anything you can do to create a space that is welcoming and communal will make the evening effortless and show off your holiday hosting skills. Your gatherings will become ones that have guests staying long past the end of the meal.

Whatever mood you’d like to set for the evening can be conveyed through your tabletop and décor choices. Whether you’re having the in-laws over for the first time or hosting the yearly Friendsgiving meal, aspects like dishware, centerpiece displays, and soft décor can create the atmosphere you desire for your holiday gathering.

The dining table is a canvas that you can dress up or down for the formality of the evening. Browse our various tabletop collections to find the perfect pieces that fit your vision. To create a balanced look, pair more neutral dishware with colorful glassware or vice versa – you can curate a color story of warmth, joy, and celebration just with a place setting. Evoke the harvest with floral arrangements, seasonal produce, or other décor items to anchor the entire look.

Family style feasts help make the evening stress free and easy as soon as your guests sit down to eat. Communal dishes lend a homey feel to the meal and remove the task of having to individually plate each course. The feeling of passing a healthy bowl of mashed potatoes or breaking bread from a shared basket is one that leaves us with the feeling that we are surrounded by loved ones, sharing a memory in the making.

Investing in pieces that can serve as décor marvels of their own makes the decorating process delightful – our collection of serveware don simply elegant details that make them stars on your tabletop. Whether your holiday hosting menu celebrates delicious traditional staples or you're opting to serve some exciting non-traditional Thanksgiving fare, your dishes will truly shine.

A holiday dinner party is notably cozy and inviting, which is what makes them such special occasions to look forward to every year. Candlelight is an old favorite for a reason – it makes the evening more intimate and helps transform any holiday dinner party into a restful and restorative gathering. A chandelier over the table is an elegant lighting option that often lends more intrigue and subtly than harsh overhead lighting.

You can also spread warmth with a fully stocked bar, presented delicately with functional and stylish bar furniture, barware, and accessories that will make you feel like an expert. Keep it classic with a smart bar cart or transform a sideboard into a serving station for the occasion. Whether it’s an evening of tasting fine wines or enjoying crafted cocktails, let Wisteria help you expand your holiday hosting repertoire.  

Create lasting holiday memories this season with Wisteria.