James Beard Foundation Open For Good

This year we at Wisteria take pride in supporting the mission of the James Beard Foundation’s Open for Good program. The COVID pandemic has created challenges and impacted all of us in numerous ways, not the least of which has been the difficulty of gathering with family and friends to share stories, meals, and laughs. ​

These independently operated restaurants are typically a wonderful venue for this type of sharing and have been particularly hard hit during this crisis. The James Beard Foundation is helping to provide the resources and tools to allow these restaurants to survive so that we may all enjoy their wonderful meals and share our stories in the future. Community-focused and independent restaurants are at the heart of every city, town and village across America, and the world. Open for Good is the James Beard Foundation’s campaign to help independent restaurants survive the current crisis, rebuild better, and thrive for the long term. And we are proud to be a small part of this.​

To learn more about the James Beard Foundation Open for Good program and the work they are doing to help independent restaurants thrive, please feel free to check out their website: www.jamesbeard.org. ​