Story Telling

The story of humanity has been told in words, pictures and in cave dwelling etchings since time immemorial. We preserve our knowledge and celebrate our lives through this wonderful capability of being able to weave tales and tell stories. This almost magical power has helped preserve for generations and through time knowledge that we would have lost forever.

At Wisteria we believe that each artist, craftsman, company and or product has a story behind them. When you peel back the many layers you get to appreciate the richness and vibrancy of thought and effort that that is behind the idea, and we believe it is worth knowing about.

Every opportunity we get to showcase these little stories that inspired the creation of the product we bring you closer to the idea and the people that made it. We want to bring this to the forefront of your experience – we want to make possible for you to see this with the eyes and the mind of the people and teams that created it.

To tell the story of the product and highlight its rich heritage and journey from some-place distant to your home is a story we like telling, over and over again.