We look for distinctive and unique things – as we search for novelties and new items to bring to our customers, we are constantly looking for the little details, colors, accents that make something stand-apart in a crowded stall or showroom. This distinctiveness often makes a purely functional product into an object of both beauty and functionality.  

 We like to say that “the journey itself is the end …” the process of developing an idea, refining the thinking, creating and recreating can become a very fulfilling pursuit. The outcome of this can be both a unique creation and a wonderful story of how the creation came to be – each as important as the other. Listening to a potter talk about the vase she has created can leave a rich and lasting impression – just as rich an experience as visiting a glass factory in Murano. 

 Our hope is that we can bring this story of uniqueness to life so that you too can be part of this experience and enjoy the back-story of the creation and share this with your family and friends.